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Feature List

TimeTiger is available as an Online (hosted) solution that we manage for you.

Feature TimeTiger
Time entry  
Web-based interface YES
Option to estimate % complete and enter full notes for logs YES
One-click time tracking as you work YES
End-of-day time entry YES
Weekly timesheet YES
2-week timesheet YES
Monthly timesheet YES
Project tracking  
Central repository for all projects and tasks YES
Simplified project scheduling YES
Optional sync with Microsoft Project YES1
Resource assignment YES
Time cost budgeting and tracking YES
One-click project status snapshot YES
Simplified Earned Value analysis YES
Accurate completion date and cost forecasting YES
Drill-down analysis of problem tasks YES
Trend analysis of status over time YES
Simple, Explorer-style interface YES
Web browser access YES
Supervisor approval workflow YES
Flexible lock-down of time logs and periods YES
Customize fields and properties for items YES
Configurable standard reports YES
Custom report designer YES
One-click export to Microsoft Excel YES
Automatic e-mailing of reports YES
Multiple security levels YES
User-defined role-based access YES
Secure web communications YES
Web browser support  
Internet Explorer Windows, Mac
Microsoft Edge Windows, Mac
Firefox Windows, Mac, Linux
Safari Mac, Windows
Google Chrome Windows, Mac, Linux
Integration and Development  
Bi-directional sync with Microsoft Project YES1
One-click export to Microsoft Excel YES
Export time logs to Intuit QuickBooks YES
Powerful web services API YES


1 Microsoft Project Professional 2003 and later are supported through the XML document format. Microsoft Project sold separately.

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