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Software Development Kit (SDK)

Developing Applications with TimeTiger

The TimeTiger SDK contains a complete web-service API based on the industry standard SOAP protocol. You can develop your own custom user-interface to the TimeTiger system or build a customized integration conduit that connects TimeTiger data with another system. All languages and development tools that support SOAP can be used to take advantage of the API.

Reference Guide

The TimeTiger API Reference Guide details all types, methods, and return codes used by the API.

API Sample Application

This Windows application, written using C# and Visual Studio .NET 2013, demonstrates the use of various API methods and illustrates how to use common API functions to build useful integration with your TimeTiger server.

Developer Support

Support for development using the SDK is provided to all holders of a current support subscription.

Introductory videos

Building and running the API Sample application - Once you have downloaded and unzipped the API Sample application, this video shows you how to prepare the project in Visual Studio .NET so that it can be built and executed.

Connecting the API Sample application and executing methods - Once you have the API Sample application installed, this video shows you how to connect to your TimeTiger server, navigate through the items in the TimeTiger Explorer and create new items.

Creating a new Time Log - This video explains the concepts behind TimeTiger Time Logs and shows you how to create a new Time Log using the API Sample application.

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