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Revision History

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  • Update Contact Us telephone numbers.
  • Update Help file with updated instructions on how to export reports to Microsoft Excel.


  • Reduced memory usage over long periods of server uptime.


  • Additional memory optimization for large API queries.


  • Reduced memory requirements for large API queries.


  • Fixed potential memory leak with large API queries.


  • Removed redundant/debugging API request logging.


  • Minor performance updates.


  • NEW: Items have a "Requires explicit role assignment" checkbox. Read about it in Help > Help Contents > Role-based Security.


  • NEW: Generate a report preview while designing or modifying a custom report.
  • Fixed possible slowdown while creating a new sample database.


  • Improved application load time for databases with a large number of items.


  • NEW: improved Snapshot view and work/schedule/cost forecast calculations to replace Earned Value metrics.
  • Removed Earned Value Status Detail and Earned Value Performance Trend reports.


  • Updated internal build tooling only.


  • Changing a user's status to System Admin or from System Admin now takes effect immediately without requiring an application restart.
  • Fixed possibility of AutoMail reports being sent twice.


  • Improved memory handling for very large GetTimeLogs API requests.


  • Fixed possible service stop when attempting to edit a timesheet immediately after choosing a custom From: date.


  • Fixed summary headings not appearing at some sub-levels of custom reports.


  • NEW: Maximum number of hours a User can log per day setting in Tools > Options > Time Logging.
  • Fixed possible error creating new database when migrating from a different database type.
  • Fixed attempting to load a damaged/corrupted database could leave it in Loading state indefinitely.
  • Moved sample data into the 2020-2021 calendar year range.


  • Fixed possible database error when creating a new TimeTiger application with a blank database.


  • Fixed potential database migration failure during upgrade when custom item types are used.


  • Added response limits and improved memory handling for GetTimeLogs API requests that return a large number of logs.


  • Improved memory handling when generating very large reports.


  • NEW: customize the Reset Password e-mail subject and body from TimeTiger Explorer > Tools > Customize E-mail Templates...


  • Updated database schema.


  • Updated OpenSSL libraries.
  • Optimized report cache management to reduce long-term process memory usage.


  • NEW: TimeTiger profile and custom time log fields can be customized with lookup lists to make data entry faster and more consistent.
  • NEW: option to hide/remove "Copy Filled Timesheet from Previous Period" button from Log Time page.
  • Moved sample data into the 2019-2020 calendar year date range.
  • Fixed issue where Explorer panes could not be resized in Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed issue where extra Full Name columns could appear on the Time Log report.
  • Fixed issue where a newly created billing rate rule exception could not be deleted until the rates were first saved.


  • NEW: option to Login as a Different User in TimeTiger Explorer > File menu.


  • Fixed summary (sub-total) rows not appearing on some custom reports.
  • Improved application load time for large TimeTiger databases.


  • Fixed service stop when generating Time Log report with "Show all levels of sub-items" checked.


  • NEW: Setting in Tools > Options to prefer showing a user's Full Name in the TimeTiger Explorer if it has been set.


  • NEW: TimeTiger now keeps track of when each time log was last approved or declined and the user who made the change. These fields appear on the Time Log report.
  • NEW: Timesheet report has option to Include All Items (not just items with logs).
  • NEW: Setting in Tools > Options to make Description/Comments mandatory to submit logs.
  • Timesheet report includes additional information to help distinguish rows with identical item names.
  • NEW: Setup and Config option to include a custom message on the TimeTiger login and welcome pages.


  • Fixed potential 60-second timeout errors during common operations.


  • Improved speed of approving, declining, and marking logs “not reviewed.”
  • Fixed crash when attempting to "Split Rows" on a timesheet whose TimeTiger session had expired.


  • Fixed connection hangup/reset issues when using TimeTiger through a proxy server under load.


  • NEW: log approval status can be used as a field in custom reports.
  • Fixed reporting issue where some nested headings could appear more than once.
  • Fixed network write retry logic to improve compatibility with some proxy servers.


  • Fixed report headings spilling over into content cells when selecting specific items to include.
  • Moved sample data into the 2018-2019 calendar year date range.
  • Fixed possible crash when a user's group was removed while their password was being reset.
  • Error messages suggesting contacting the administrator now include their name and/or e-mail address if configured.


  • Fixed login issue with some versions of Safari on macOS.


  • NEW: “Download” button for every report allows you to download the report file directly.
  • Fixed issue where “br” tags appeared for multi-line time logs instead of actual line breaks.


  • Fixed cases where Not Reviewed or Declined icons could continue to appear for items whose logs had already been fully approved.
  • Fixed possible crash when attempting to stop an application that was already stopping.
  • Fixed issue where some item tabs could contain duplicate tab headers.


  • Leaving the Explorer page open now keeps user logged in.
  • Updated French language localization.


  • NEW option to redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS if configured.
  • Moved sample data into the 2017-2018 calendar year date range.


  • Fixed security issue related to session management and authentication.


  • Projects and Tasks are created much faster through the web interface and API.


  • Maximum length of user name field has been expanded to 50 characters (from 20).


  • Updated SOAP API to version 1.3.1.
  • NEW option to CC: yourself when sending declined log notification e-mails.
  • Fixed issue where Explorer Find could potentially cause a service stop.


  • Fixed issue with connecting to a newly created sample database in 64-bit Windows.


  • Added code-signing to 32-bit and 64-bit Windows downloads.
  • Fixed SetupTimeTiger64.exe not responding when executed.


  • NEW: 64-bit version of TimeTiger available for download.
  • Improved stability and compatibility using Windows integrated (SSPI) authentication.


  • Fixed reporting issue where headings could spill over into content cells.
  • Fixed issue where editing a To Do item from the Log Time page might not open Edit To Do window.
  • Improved detail in error message where an item could not be moved or copied due to name duplication.
  • Update SOAP API to version 1.3.0.


  • Fixed issue where generating some custom reports incorrectly indicated that they would contain no data.


  • NEW: Find box in TimeTiger Explorer allows you to quickly search for items anywhere in your TimeTiger database.
  • Updated "Submit Changes" button caption to "Save and Submit Changes" for clarity in Log Time window.
  • Fixed doubled time values appearing for today's date when choosing to Edit Today's Time when in weekly or monthly timesheet view.


  • Fixed custom reporting issue with items specifically included in reports without a field for those item names.


  • Moved sample data into the 2016-2017 calendar year date range.
  • Updated API methods to identify To Do items by GUID rather than UID.


  • Moved sample data into the 2015-2016 calendar year date range.


  • Improved handling of special characters (accents, long hyphens, curly quotes) in API responses.


  • Improved performance of progressive search in dropdowns in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Temporary measures to improve API handling of characters outside of ASCII encoding.
  • Fix First Day of Week being ignored by the Date.Week field on custom reports.
  • Fix Default Picks not correctly updated when moving an item (both with and without moving existing logs for the item).


  • Fixed GetTimeLogs API endpoint not correctly returning error result when an invalid or blank session ID is provided.


  • Moved sample data into the 2014-2015 calendar year date range.


  • NEW rounding options (in Tools > Options) for time log entries.
  • Do not allow copying a blank or filled timesheet when period already contains logs.
  • Improved exception logging of time log submissions and deletions.
  • Fixed timeout/freeze when deleting a TimeTiger application.


  • Fixed error during new database creation on Microsoft SQL Server 2012.


  • Fixed Time Log report showing blank User.Full name when User (short) name is not included on report.


  • Fixed Vacation Days report when generated as an AutoMail for a user that is no longer Active.


  • Fixed Time Log report not generating when User Full Name field was specifically excluded.


  • Fixed possible service stop in Time Log report.


  • Time Log report includes User Full name field.
  • Generate button now correctly disables while generating a standard report.
  • Limiting custom reports to a single level no longer causes a "This report would not contain any data" error.


  • Multi-line descriptions now expand Excel cell height when Time Log report is exported to Excel.


  • Fixed XML representation of time logs returned by API that contain descriptions with embedded newline characters.


  • Fixed possible service stop when deleting selected time logs from View Time Logs page.
  • Fixed QuickBooks IIF file not generating when running Time Log report with "Generate IIF" option checked.


  • Fixed next/previous timesheet buttons not responding.
  • Fixed selecting To Do item on Log Time page not filling in item information.


  • Fixed possible crash when no Properties tab is selected on Edit item page.
  • Time Log custom fields now extended to a maximum length of 255 characters.
  • Fixed failure of Microsoft Access databases to upgrade from some very old versions of TimeTiger.
  • Run Tool button now disabled as soon as Service and Maintenance tool is run to prevent double-running.


  • Fixed SQL ODBC error when moving some projects from one client to another.


  • Added Quick Link option to edit today's already-logged time.
  • Added option in Tools, Options to set the number of blank rows that initially appear when logging time.
  • New sample databases will contain data in the 2012-2013 range.


  • Fixed possible service stop when generating reports that produced error messages.


  • Fixed issue where some AutoMail reports could only include items of one status code.


  • NEW: popover allows you to enter Status/Description text for each cell in Timesheet view.
  • AutoMailed Timesheet reports can now be sent for current or previous week and month.
  • Fixed: Work in Progress text that includes line breaks is now properly transferred to the Log Time window.
  • Fixed: Blank AutoMail reports will no longer get sent unless "Send report even if blank" is checked.


  • Fixed WSDL issue with SOAP API update.


  • SOAP API updated to version 1.2. See the TimeTiger SDK for details.


  • Fixed problem with "Last Week" date range becoming non-responsive on some reports.


  • Fixed calculation of "Last Week" date range during first day of the week.


  • Fixed issue where Unreviewed/Declined time icons would not disappear from the Explorer tree, even after page was refreshed.
  • The "Last Week" date range now correctly includes the 7 day period prior to the first day of the current week.
  • Fixed issue where splitting a time log row into multiple rows and immediately submitting only submitted the first row.
  • Changes to the TimeTiger SOAP API. Please see the API documentation for current information.


  • Updated online help with information about the Vacation Days report and additional approval permissions.


  • NEW: option to set first day of work week in Tools > Options.
  • Fixed issue with reports not appearing with certain server configurations in TimeTiger 2 On-Premises.


  • Fixed issue with editing contact information for several different TimeTiger applications in succession.
  • Fixed problem with AutoMail owner information not being transferred when database is converted to a different format.
  • Improved encryption on SMTP server credentials stored by TimeTiger.


  • Fixed security credentials issue with converting a TimeTiger 1.8 database in Microsoft Access format.
  • Fixed problem where field selections were not being taken account when creating a new TimeTiger database.


  • NEW separate permissions to allow approval of your own time logs (vs. approval of other's time logs) so that auto-approval can be individually granted for specific users.
  • NEW convenient buttons to advance to next and previous period when viewing/editing timesheet.
  • Fixed issue with some older TimeTiger databases not migrating to current version.


  • Moving an item without moving its time logs now correctly transfers role assignments to and from the item.
  • Fixed issue with custom reports with certain item property fields causing report not to generate.
  • Fixed custom reports not displaying when system configured to show unlimited rows and columns.


  • NEW option to have costs and values associated with time logs either as soon as they are entered or not until they are approved.
  • Fixed switching to Monthly Timesheet view was not remembered for the next time Log Time page was opened.
  • Users who have permissions to generate a report can now make a personal copy of the report.
  • "Log time for" drop-down hidden for users who only have permissions to log time for themselves and no other users.
  • Improvements to Actual Work information export to Microsoft Project.


  • Fixed certain options not saving on Tools, Options page.


  • Fixed intermittent service stop when synchronizing certain MS Project files.


  • Fixed service stop when AutoMail custom report triggers an error due to excess report size.
  • Fixed problem in Explorer where expanding a node sometimes did not completely expand previously expanded sub-nodes.
  • When an AutoMail report triggers an error and would not send, the error is now e-mailed to the AutoMail recipient so they are aware of the problem.
  • Fixed incorrect error message displayed when a duplicate role name was entered during adding or editing security roles.
  • Increased logging detail for the deletion of AutoMail report schedules.
  • Fixed behaviour of Cancel button on Options page.
  • Fixed importing a list of Users to a group so that user names are automatically converted to upper-case.
  • Fixed issue where TimeTiger allowed new roles to be created with no permissions.
  • Authorization key expiration warnings now include correct administrator's e-mail address.
  • Fixed ODBC error message when genering Time to Review report on a Microsoft Access TimeTiger database.
  • Added robots.txt exclusions to prevent search engine indexing of Internet-facing TimeTiger servers.


  • Fixed service stop when an AutoMail report cannot be generated or sent.


  • Changes to billing rates no longer re-rate logs that have been locked out by date range.
  • Fixed counting of rows and columns for large reports so that "This report would contain over 2000 * rows or columns" message does not appear unnecessarily.
  • Minor user interface and stability enhancements.


  • NEW Separate cost rates and billing rates for every item in TimeTiger.
  • NEW All cost and billing rates now allow a standard hourly rate and flexible exceptions.
  • Custom reports now allow display of both cost and value of time in separate columns.
  • Custom reports show headers for all inner fields.
  • Improved performance of saving and approving time logs.
  • Fixes JavaScript error on Set Default Security Roles page and "Filter by my role" dropdown in the TimeTiger Explorer.
  • Deleting a report will now correctly remove AutoMails that reference that report.
  • Editing Default Picks for an item will now correctly update its Modified On/Modified By information.
  • Sample data moved to 2011-2012 calendar years.


  • NEW Checkbox in header of View Time Logs page selects all logs on the page.
  • Fixes JavaScript error on Move All Logs page, Copy/Move Item page, Edit Assigment page, Design Report page.
  • Fixes behaviour under Windows Integrated authentication failures.


  • NEW Custom reports can now incorporate custom Time Log fields.
  • Added Every 2 Weeks option for AutoMail scheduling.
  • Added Do Not Send Before date for AutoMail scheduling.
  • Time Log report now includes Ref # fields for all items.
  • Improved performance for databases with a large number of top-level items.
  • Fixed splitting a row on the Log Time page now correctly calculates duration of each split.
  • Fixed several intermittent JavaScript errors during time logging and review.
  • Fixed truncated item names on some reports in Internet Explorer.
  • Removed unnecessary Done button on Edit AutoMail schedule page.


  • Greatly improved performance over slow network connections.
  • Can click on TimeTiger logo in Explorer or choose View > Welcome to return to Welcome page.
  • Browser AutoFill no longer interferes with progressive search.
  • Fixed Done button on About page not returning to previous page.


  • New progressive search (as you type) when picking items from drop-down lists.
  • Visual progress indicator during generation of large reports.
  • Visual progress indicator during long MS Project synchronization operations.
  • Fixed issue where project managers could assign themselves to an item in a role that exceeded their own permissions on that item.
  • Fixed issue where submitting a change to a status code incorrectly returned you to the Welcome page.
  • Fixed issue with row and column totals not displaying while entering time on the Log Time page.


  • Selecting an item from a long dropdown list now scrolls window back to the original dropdown button.


  • New API methods CopyEntity and DeleteEntity.
  • Fixed issue in some deployments where entering a Declined Reason of longer than 50 characters produced an error.


  • Fixed service stop issue when assigning roles to certain users.
  • Fixed issue with synchronization of some MS Project files.


  • Fixed service stop issue when generating some custom reports with date fields.


  • Very large or maximized To Do window now behaves correctly without needing to be resized.
  • Fixed headers on custom analysis sometimes disappearing causing badly formatted reports.
  • Fixed calculation of Scheduled Hours on Earned Value Status Detail report when task is in progress.
  • Fixed problem with columns sometimes not lining up on Item List report.


  • Fixed possible service stop when user clicks Back after removing a log time row and then attempting to edit or remove that same row again.
  • Updated sample data to calendar year 2010-2011.


  • Improved memory usage for deployments with large databases and over 100 concurrent users.
  • Improved performance when moving or deleting items during heavy system use.


  • Fixed issue where AutoMail reports might not send if checking occurred at the exact second the reports were scheduled.


  • Fixed outline re-numbering during Microsoft Project synchronization.
  • Fixed issue with To Do window not opening in IE7 when using an evaluation database.


  • Greatly improved speed of copying and synchronizing medium-large projects.
  • Exporting reports to Excel now treats 0-value cells as numbers in Excel rather than strings.
  • The Earned Value: Status Detail report can now only be generated by users with permission to See Restricted Properties on the particular project or task.
  • Added user cost rate columns to the Item List report (can only be seen by users with sufficient permissions).


  • Changing a status on an item will now make the same status change to all sub-items down the hieararchy.
  • Deleting items with time logs now requires you to set the item to status Inactive first (to help prevent accidental deletions).
  • New TimeTiger databases allow users to change their own passwords by default.
  • Minor visual and performance improvements.


  • AutoMail reports can now optionally be sent even if they do not contain any data.
  • Testing AutoMail now correctly reports when the test report could not be created.
  • Weekly breakouts on custom reports now correctly use the day range Monday - Sunday.


  • Custom reports now include a "Do not merge repeated headings" option to make Cut & Paste easier in Microsoft Excel.
  • Custom reports now suppress rows and columns where the bottom-most item is blank, resulting in cleaner reports.
  • Temporary authorization keys now correctly expire at 11:59 PM on the date of expiration.
  • Dates of time logs in sample database bumped to 2009 and 2010.
  • Custom security option added to prevent System Admin users from seeing restricted properties (such as cost rates).


  • New server-level performance metrics reporting feature accessible through the TimeTiger setup and configuration console.


  • Fixed issue with To Do window timing out when opened.


  • Fixed stability issue when multiple users approved or declined time under load.


  • Resolved issue when moving projects that include sub-tasks under a hidden (inactive) parent task.
  • Various stability and cosmetic improvements.


  • Editing Default Roles now correctly returns you to your previous page after clicking Submit Changes.
  • Performance and stability improvements as well as reduction of memory usage for large deployments and databases with many Explorer items.


  • Time Log report can now optionally display all levels of sub-Client, sub-Project etc.
  • Column widths in Time Log report are sized based on content.
  • Fixed issue with new users created while password policy enforcement was enabled not receiving a temporary password e-mail message.
  • Fixed issue where syncing certain MS Project files could cause service stop.


  • To Do window now shows total number of hours already logged for the day.
  • Improved To Do window positioning for multi-monitor setups under Windows 7.
  • Added tool-tip to currently running To Do item that shows time since the item was last clicked.
  • Improved stability and performance under high-load situations.


  • New optional password policy enforcement allows you to ensure that your users pick strong passwords when using TimeTiger.
  • Upgraded API and API Sample Application to version 1.1, including new API functionality to create role assignments.
  • Fixed issue where a 255-character long Declined Reason would not save.
  • Fixed issue where moving an existing user without moving their time logs generated a duplicate user name error.


  • Fixed incorrect display of item names and time logs that include single quote characters.


  • Fixed visual issue with time to review/time declined notification.


  • "Can See All Time Logs" permission now automatically shows users on reports without the need to separately grant permissions to those users.
  • Added option to specify particular items as being exempt from date lockout period.
  • Moving items allows you to leave time logs in their original location by creating an inactive "history" item.
  • TimeTiger server automatically forwards requests to single application when only one application is present.
  • Fixed several potential cross-site scripting issues.


  • Fixed issue where To Do items created automatically during MS Project synchronization could be set to top-level projects instead of tasks.
  • Fixed issue default picks were not used for To Do items created during role assignment.
  • Greatly improved performance of Item List report for large TimeTiger databases.
  • Fixed problem with some custom reports that included Date fields underneath other types of fields.
  • Web services API enabled by default for new applications.


  • Fixed missing return code from API method.


  • Fixed issue with creating a new sample database.


  • New Default Picks allow you to associate a default Category for each Task, for example, and optionally make them "locked."
  • Fixed issue where To Do items automatically created during MS Project import appeared blank.

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