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Organizations around the world in industries as diverse as financial services, weather forecasting, health care, design consulting, advertising media and many more use TimeTiger because time is precious to them. Here is what a few of them have to say. For a detailed look at how one customer used TimeTiger to increase profits, see our Case Studies page.

NorthwesTel Inc.

"We use TimeTiger for benchmarking our activities as well as reporting our time to payroll and tracking time spent on capital projects. Our project managers can see what time is being spent on their project activities and assess that to the project plan. In the future, we plan to use TimeTiger for resource planning and management as well. We have been using TimeTiger for about a year and a half now and we are very pleased with how well it has been meeting our time recording and reporting requirements. I especially appreciate how simple and intuitive TimeTiger is. Even as the administrator of the system, I did not need any training on it."

Angela Anderson, Manager, PMO

NorthwesTel delivers a broad range of telecommunications solutions to northern Canadians in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and northern British Columbia.

Intracorp Projects Ltd.

"Intracorp looked at over a dozen systems before selecting TimeTiger. We needed something simple and easy to use for time entry so we could effectively evaluate profitability of our projects and project investments in areas such as marketing, development and construction. TimeTiger is helping us increase revenues by providing the real cost information needed to negotiate better terms on our deals. We chose TimeTiger because it has the cleanest and simplest interface of all the systems we looked at and we have found that TimeTiger lets us collect the data we need painlessly."

Jeff Siegerman, Manager, Information Systems

Intracorp develops homes and communities in North America that balance comfort and style with easy-care living and realistic pricing.

Project Management Institute

"The Project Management Institute's Southern Ontario Chapter has been using TimeTiger for a few years now, primarily to keep track of time spent on projects by volunteers so they can be rewarded for their efforts. We manage over 100 projects annually with the help of almost 300 volunteers. Eventually, we hope to use TimeTiger's powerful Earned Value based project tracking features to better manage our projects. Although not specifically designed for matching volunteers to projects, the software has been surprisingly helpful in this area and the people at Indigo have been responsive to addressing our needs. TimeTiger is a simple, easy to use tool that vastly simplifies the process of managing our volunteers and projects. It is web based and hosted by Indigo so we don't have to worry about managing the technical environment. Being a volunteer based organization, this is very important to us as we don't have the resources or expertise to manage it ourselves."

Michael Flint, President

PMI-SOC is a volunteer driven organization in the business of promoting the adoption, advancement, and success of project management within organizations based in the Southern Ontario region.

The Weir Group

"We use TimeTiger to capture the billable time of both our employees and outside contractors for invoicing purposes, and to give us a sense of our overhead. TimeTiger is the only tool I have seen that tracks in real-time using To Do items that I define in my own language. Having the To Do window there on the screen is very powerful. It takes the pain out of tracking time and reduces our administrative costs. Reporting is quick and easy. I don't know of any tool that could replace TimeTiger."

Douglas Weir, President

The Weir Group is a human capital solutions company that helps its clients optimize their talent acquisition, development and retention systems.


"We like TimeTiger because it is so easy to use. With the stop watch you don't have to worry about keeping track of all your tasks. TimeTiger saves time by doing it automatically."

Anne Braun, Manager, IT Help Centre

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a world leading research-based pharmaceutical company. It's mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

GS1 Canada

"GS1 Canada initially implemented TimeTiger to better quantify the benefits we provide to the various customers and industries we serve. As GS1 grows we are finding that TimeTiger is helping us identify and justify the need for additional resources. Data from TimeTiger is helping us prepare applications for government funding and provides backup of our efforts for external auditors. Having accurate project costing allows us to refine where we spend our time and helps decide where to best spend it in the future, and there is individual benefit as well: we become more aware of what we are actually working on and how to make better use of our own time."

Joe Cuzzolino, Director, Information Technology

GS1 Canada, Canada's voice in collaborative commerce, is a not-for-profit, industry-led association that develops, promotes and maintains global standards for the identification of goods, services, locations and related e-commerce communication.

Gekko Engineering

"TimeTiger replaced our manual timekeeping system. Everyone learned to use it very quickly and it's simple enough that logging time takes less than 5 minutes a day. The various reports make it easy to review the information we need to manage our project performance and to support invoices. Overall, I have to say that TimeTiger has been a raging success here."

Kevin Kayse, President

Gekko Engineering is a multi-discipline firm providing both engineering design services and forensic analysis to industrial customers in Southern California.

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

"TimeTiger is working out very well for us. We use it to charge back departments that request our services. It lets us answer questions about our priorities and productivity, like how much time we are spending on proposals versus claim notes or how much downtime we have. The accuracy of our chargeback system has improved significantly and we can run our figures faster than we could with the old system. I particularly like the variation in the types of reports we can get as well as TimeTiger's general ease of use."

Judy Seifert, Director

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. is the world's fourth largest insurance brokerage and risk management services firm.


"TimeTiger is just so easy to use. There was no training necessary, the software is completely self-explanatory. It gives me all the information I need: I can just pull the right report or create my own report. And the support has been just wonderful... even when your problem is not as big as you think it is, it's nice to know that they are there and that they will always have an answer."

Janet Baker

Raytheon is an aerospace and defence systems supplier with over 80,000 employees worldwide.

Emerson Process Management

"We have about 50 people comfortably using the TimeTiger/Web interface to capture our time at a very high level. The information is used to support our annual budgeting process. As the Technical Services group, we also charge back our time to other departments and TimeTiger has helped this process tremendously. We now have the real figures, instead of just trying to guess."

Robert McBain, Manager, Technical Infrastructure

Emerson Process Management is a worldwide provider of automation technology and services for process control and asset optimization.


"TimeTiger is a great product. We use it to measure the profitability of our fixed price quotes. A lot of people really like the timers. One of our employees has two dozen projects on timers. We like the user interface best because you can go straight to the timesheet. It really is fast and efficient time and project tracking software that people actually use."

Ted Karas, IT Manager

Cine-Med develops, manages and delivers high quality education for physicians and other health-care professionals.

LAN International

"TimeTiger's reports give me everything I need. In particular, the one-click export to Microsoft Excel lets me quickly create customized graphs and charts of my data - this is a great feature that I use all the time! In addition, I really like the QuickPick list and its ease of use for the people who are entering their time. By keeping time entry simple TimeTiger allows us to capture more accurate data. TimeTiger is definitely meeting my needs, and will continue to do so as we grow."

Scott Spencer, Director, Information Services

LAN International builds leading-edge software solutions for the management of advertising inventory for Radio, Broadcast Television and Cable entities.

Black Coffee Software

"Accurate time-keeping is critical to our business. Besides providing the raw data for client billing, we use TimeTiger to track progress on our projects and monitor budget performance. We're a software development company so TimeTiger's ease of time entry, straightforward reporting and ability to seamlessly interface with MS Project and MS Excel are all critical to our business processes."

Leigh Harrison, Service Delivery Manager

Black Coffee Software is a software development company specialising in design and development of enterprise Java solutions.

Galbraith Media

"TimeTiger provides us with any information we need to know about where we are expending our operational energies. The ease of entering as well as editing information makes TimeTiger very user friendly. The Explorer as well as the Report Wizard helps us quickly find any information that we might be looking for. We have been very impressed with TimeTiger."

Karen King

Galbraith Media's e-learning solutions are used by companies around the world.

Blue Angel Technologies

"I love TimeTiger: that's what we live by. I use it to track everything that's going on within the company. I have used a bunch of different time recording systems at different companies, small programs and big programs, and I think that TimeTiger is great."

Brian Kelly, Vice-President

Blue Angel makes organizations more efficient with its content integration and management solutions.

Management Information Group

"Everything has been working well since we installed TimeTiger. We're now getting accurate breakdowns of time worked, as opposed to the notes that were jotted into Outlook. I like the fact that we can tie in MS Project, and this will become even more important for us in the future."

Don Goudreau, VP of Development

Management Information Group develops modular and customized administrative software solutions for schools.

Geotrac Inc.

"We've been using TimeTiger consistently and it has been very good. The ease of use is a big plus for us... TimeTiger is always available on our desktop and we can just click the task we are working on. I am very happy with the reporting: we don't really use it for a time clock, but TimeTiger is great for categorizing the type of work people are doing. We can easily see how much time we are spending doing Administration vs. Support vs. Development vs. Architecture work, and that's key for helping us plan into the future."

Simon Gorham, IT Director

Geotrac is one of the nation's leading providers of flood compliance services for lenders, commercial underwriters and government entities.

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